Yoga Classes Canberra & Queanbeyan

General & Beginner Yoga Classes

General yoga classes are suitable for all levels and capabilities, whereas beginner yoga classes place more emphasis on foundational practices. All beginners start with a general or beginners class.

These classes are offered in-person at our yoga studio in Queanbeyan and also online (Zoom link available on request)

Progressive & Intermediate Yoga Classes

Progressive and intermediate yoga classes build on the foundational practices and cultivate deeper levels of awareness. For students with prior experience in yoga or meditation.

In-person and online attendance options available.

Meditation Classes

Meditation classes offer the opportunity to deepen the meditation practices. Classes focus on a different practice each term and include some preparatory asana and breathing practices. Some examples include inner silence meditation (antar mouna), om chanting (nada yoga), developing one-pointed concentration (kaya sthairyam), internal mantra repetition (ajapa japa), and candle gazing (trataka).

In-person and online attendance options available.

Please note, all students must fill out an enrolment form when first attending classes and are responsible for notifying me of any changes in personal circumstances. It is important to state any specific limitations or health conditions as some practices are contraindicated and alternative practices will be given. All classes are shaped around the collective needs of the students.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes are available for small groups (up to 3 students) and are tailored to your collective needs. Corporate visits may be arranged and special occasions are also catered for (e.g., hen’s nights). Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

In-person and online attendance options available.

Private Yoga Classes

Individual programs are for students wishing to develop a regular home practice (sadhana) or for those with specific goals or health conditions. Contact me via the button below to get a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.

In-person and online attendance options available.

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