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At Yoga on the Ridge we offer a range of community events that heal and purify the mind, body and environment. Come and meet like-minded people and enjoy some time in nature at our beautiful Queanbeyan yoga centre. 


A havan, or fire ceremony, is an ancient vedic or tantric practice that purifies and heals the body and atmosphere through yajna – the pure, selfless offering of various materials into the fire (e.g., cow dung, ghee, herbs, wood) with the chanting of mantra. The attitude of yajna fosters respect for the connectedness between all beings. At our havans, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and other mantras are chanted with the sankalpa, or intention, of healing and well-being. Fire intensifies the mantra with far-reaching effects at all levels, gross and subtle.

Havans are usually held on a Saturday or special occasions such as full and new moons. Get in touch if you’re interested in coming along or check out the Events booking page. While attendance is free, it is suggested that a contribution is made towards expenses. The havan will be followed by kirtan and people are encouraged to bring an instrument.

Agnihotra is conducted daily to reinvigorate and heal nature by purifying the atmosphere. Regular practice of agnihotra creates a protective biosphere and can reverse pollution. It also enhances all spiritual and healing practices through its positive effects on the atmosphere and mind. Please get in contact if you’d like to know more.

what are havans


Kirtan is an important part of yoga and connects us to the deepest part of our being. It is not religious chanting, but rather part of nada yoga, the yoga of sound. Sound can heal through its resonant effect on the chakras and different areas of the brain. 

In kirtan, people sit in a circle and sing the name of the Divine or devotional melodies, often accompanied by a harmonium and other instruments. The steady rhythm has a profound effect on our breathing, alleviating stress and tension and bringing the mind closer to full conscious awareness. 

Regular kirtan practice develops the emotional aspects of the personality by bypassing the intellect and purifying the mind, bringing a deep sense of inner peace. From this, love blossoms in one’s heart and you are able to turn inwards and connect with the eternal.

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