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Yoga Classes and Events on Offer

Yoga Classes Canberra & Online

Yoga and meditation classes are suitable for all levels and capabilities. Beginner yoga classes focus on foundational practices and progressive and intermediate classes cultivate deeper levels of awareness.

Private Yoga Classes

Individual programs are for students wanting a tailored yoga program to address specific needs, goals or health conditions. Can be held in person at our studio or online private coaching via Zoom.

Yoga Retreats and Workshops

Workshops and retreats offer students the opportunity to deepen their yoga and meditation practice, and to take time out and reset in natural surrounds. Each workshop has a different theme and focus.

Community Events

Regular havans and kirtan practices heal and purify the body and mind. Meet like-minded people in a friendly environment at our beautiful Queanbeyan yoga retreat centre.

Transform your life through the power of yoga

About Yoga on the Ridge

Yoga on the Ridge was established in 2018 as a beacon of light for the Bihar School of Yoga and the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Classes combine classical teachings with experiential understanding of the practices, and integrate relevant information from the physical and mental health sciences.

Our Queanbeyan Yoga Studio

The Yoga on the Ridge Studio is located in a natural bush setting in Queanbeyan, only 10 minutes drive from Canberra Airport. The peaceful surroundings provide students with an opportunity to enjoy some precious ‘time out’ in nature to recharge, reconnect and reset.

What We Teach

Take the proven path to a happier body, mind and spirit through learning the science of yoga

Meet Katherine

“Life is essentially a divine worship. Individuals are mere instruments in the fulfilment of divine law.” – Sw. Shivananda

I am passionate about yoga and in awe at the way the teachings continue to positively influence all aspects of my life.

An earnest seeker of the Truth, I first approached yoga from a scientific perspective in 2002 and verified its effects on my own body and mind through self-observation and experimentation.

The Practice Of Yoga Can Transform Your Life

The science of yoga is the science of life energy. On a physical level, yoga balances the nervous and endocrine systems, which influence all other systems and organs in the body. Embracing a regular yoga and meditation practice will bring more clarity, peace, joy and serenity to your life.

The Importance of Inner Harmony

The ability to function well on a daily basis depends on our inner state of being. If this is not in harmony, our interaction with the external environment cannot be harmonious. Through the practice of yoga, we gradually break the cycle of reaction as we open the doorway to conscious choice.

Our Inner World Dictates Our Outer Experience

You will notice gradual improvements in the quality of the relationship with yourself and with others as your true nature is revealed and your intuition begins to blossom. The techniques taught in classes and deepened during workshops work together to purify the body, mind and energy systems – an essential step on the path to experiencing the true meaning of yoga, which is ‘oneness’ or ‘unity’.

Learn a Wholistic & Scientific System for Health and Wellbeing with our Canberra Yoga Classes

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